Solomon Emiru Gutema Featured

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I am Solomon Emiru Gutema
I am a Licensed Attorney at any Courts and other Court like Institutions at any level in Oromia Regional State and at Federal Level! Specifically, the details of my work is listed in the following manner briefly:
• Consult with clients on legal best practices,
• Prepare case file documents,
• Compile comprehensive trial briefs,
• Adhere to a consistent schedule of hearings, court appearances, and case related conferences,
• Represent company in legal proceedings such as trials and administrative cases,
• Facilitate depositions of experts and case witnesses,
• Handle all corporate legal processes including mergers & acquisitions, securities offerings, intellectual property, compliance issues, etc.
• Research and anticipate legal risks,
• Develop company policies and positions on legal matters,
• And others related with legal, constitutional, administrative issues:

Please feel free to consult me at any time! You can avail yourself from any of the following Addresses:
Phone: +251913903072
Nekemte Highway, Nekemte, Oromia