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New Ethiopian Commercial Code Proclamation No. 1243/2021 - English Version


New Ethiopian Commercial Code Proclamation No. 1243/2021 - English Version

Members of parliament have ratified the Commercial Code on March 2021, marking the first time in over six decades that the Code has seen any major revisions. Revised after 62 years, the new Code allows for the legal recognition of holding companies and single-member companies, as well as allowing virtual shareholder meetings. The new Code also introduces a variety of insolvency procedures in addition to bankruptcy, including preventive restructuring proceedings and simplified reorganization proceedings. It also incorporates new clauses that provide protection for minority shareholders on corporate transparency and disclosure, improved rights, and more stringent stipulations of responsibilities on the part of corporate boards. The changes made are expected to improve the ease of doing business in the country.

You can download the official version of this code (English Version) here. 

File Name: New Ethiopian Commercial Code Proclamation No. 1243-2021 - English Version.pdf
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Created Date: 10-26-2021

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